F Distribution, Beta function


I am new in this programming world so I need help for coding a F Distribution, due to I do not have idea to do this. I am having trouble even programming beta function. I just need some ideas so I would be able to do by myself. I hope you guys can help me, I would be very grateful.

Degrees of freedom adre: d1=10 and d2=2


Welcome to the world of programming and Julia!

Have you tried Distributions.jl?

Thank you for answering.

I already installed it, but I do not know what to do. I just need a starting point.

Try this (assuming that you also have Plots.jl installed)

using Distributions
using Plots
d = FDist(10.0,2.0)

xx = range(-1.0,stop=20.0,length=1000)
p1 = plot(xx,pdf.(d,xx))
p2 = plot(xx,cdf.(d,xx))


Playing around with the distribution parameters will change the figure.

It is hard to help you without something more specific. I would recommend thinking of some problem/project and then going about solving it. You seem to know about probability distributions, so that could be a start. Other than that, you should check out some of the learning resources on the Julia website so that you get to understand a little about programming. Try to read through as much documentation as possible and just have fun with it!

Good luck!




Thank you for your advice! Right now I am learning about probability distributions using Julia. It is hard to me because I have never programmed before, neither study statistics until now. I will read as much as possible.

In other things, I got an error running your program; Julia says this: “LoadError: MethodError: objects of type Float64 are not callable”. What does this means?

It means you have typed something like 1(4) which Julia parses as a function call.

Thanks! It was something like that.