Zooming with PyPlot.jl

When trying to use the box zoom controls with PyPlot.jl, the updated region is frequently incorrect. Sometimes it gets it right, but usually it zooms into an entirely different region of the image or plot. The resulting stretch is also typically incorrect. I’ve tried both the tkagg and qt5agg backends. Both backends appear to work fine directly through matplotlib with the anaconda installation of python (e.g. calling things from python). Has anyone encountered the same issue and found a simple workaround for now? Is this related to the “framework” installation of python?

Works fine for me.

You might look at PyPlot.PyCall.python to see what Python installation it is using, and see if you can reproduce the problem with that Python, or switch PyCall to use the Python where it works for you.

Ah I see. It was using its own version located at .julia/conda/3/bin/python. I changed it to my default anaconda3 installation and rebuilt PyCall. Now it seems to work!