Zoomable plots in IJulia


I’ve been using PyPlot for my plotting needs. How can I get interactive (mostly just adjusting axis limits) inline plots in an IJulia notebook? Interact.jl seems like overkill. Thanks!


PlotlyJS is a nice option, either standalone or as a backend in Plots.jl.


The latest release of Gadfly.jl has a revamped interactive UI. It supports zoomable plots in IJulia among other things.


If there were an actual desire for the feature: It is likely possible to create a simple wrapper object in InspectDR that would:

  1. display a static image in IJulia
  2. Pop-up an interactive GTK window when the user wants to pan/zoom, etc.

NOTE: There are sample interactive notebooks to test out InspectDR under the notebook subdirectory:
Link: https://github.com/ma-laforge/InspectDR.jl/tree/master/notebook

And some sample plots here:
Link: https://github.com/ma-laforge/FileRepo/blob/master/InspectDR/sampleplots/README.md

…But I don’t see myself implementing this feature unless someone actually wanted it.