I am using ZMQ.jl for a PUB-SUB socket operation. Occasionally, the operation gets into a situation where the subscriber becomes slow and as a result the messages from the publisher accumulates in the subscriber’s buffer. Ideally, I would like to discard old messages so that the subscriber only gets the last message sent.

After some googling, there is an option called CONFLATE, but I do not find it in ZMQ.jl. I do have the latest ZMQ.jl (v1.2.2).

Does anyone know whether this option is implemented and if so how I can use this option?


There’s no high-level interface for it in ZMQ.jl, though in principle you could call zmq_setsockopt directly via ccall.

I just pushed a draft PR that adds a conflate property to the ZMQ.Socket type that you can get/set, however: add ZMQ_CONFLATE by stevengj · Pull Request #222 · JuliaInterop/ZMQ.jl · GitHub … try it out and let us know if it works for you.

Thanks very much. I appreciate adding this. I will try it out!