Maintain connection in ZMQ

I am trying to establish a socket that listens for requests. Unfortunately, due to a combination of sparse documentation and my lack of familiarity with networking, I am unable to accomplish this through normal means.

This part of the package code seems to suggest that I can configure certain behaviors in ZQM. However, I am not sure how to do it. Here is my best attempt:

using ZMQ 
ctx = Context()
s1 = Socket(ctx, REP)
setproperty!(s1, :set_tcp_keepalive, 1)

which results in the following error:

ERROR: Socket has no field set_tcp_keepalive
 [1] setproperty!(::Socket, ::Symbol, ::Int64) at /home/dfish/.julia/packages/ZMQ/KdNw3/src/sockopts.jl:133
 [2] top-level scope at none:0

Would someone be willing to provide a MWE example showing how to continuously listen for requests?

I was able to figure out how to establish continuous communication between a client and server. I will post the code below in case it is useful for someone in the future.

Nonetheless, it would be useful to have some instruction for changing the configuration via setproperty!. This information is not available in the ZMQ documentation.

using ZMQ

function server_listen(server)
   #setproperty!(s1, :set_tcp_keepalive, 1)
    while true
       msg = recv(server, String)
       println("Server received: ", msg)
       send(server, "Client request processed.")

function client_send(client)
   for i in 1:1000
      send(client, string("Client request # ", i))
      msgin = recv(client, String)
      println("Request status: ", msgin)

# initialize connections
ctx = Context()
server = Socket(ctx, REP)
bind(server, "tcp://")
client = Socket(ctx, REQ)
connect(client, "tcp://")

# start server
@async server_listen(server)

# stress test
[client_send(client) for _ in 1:5]
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