Zlib error

I ran a code twice and the first time everything was ok, the second time I encountered this error message. Do you know what the problem is?
error message: zlib error: (code: -5)

Unfortunately my crystal ball is currently out of order, so you’ll need to provide some more information. I suggest having a look at

and then provide some more input about:

  1. What Julia version are you using and how did you install it? (Unofficial binaries can cause basically any problem)
  2. if you are using an official binary, the error likely comes from the code you are using and not from Julia itself. So you’ll have to give more information about the code, i.e. post it and explain what it does.
  3. Instead of posting the full code, please try to isolate the place where the error occurs (looks like you are decompressing something, so it likely has to do something with File I/O) to make it easier for us to help you.