`ylabel` and `xlabel` next to axes in facet plot

Is there a way in Makie.jl to “combine” the xlabel and ylabel by putting them in the middle of the axes? This would be useful for facet plots. For example, I have the following plot

and I would like to avoid the duplication of “True positive rate” and “False positive rate” by placing them in the middle. ggplot2’s facet wrap does this. For example:

(source: R-bloggers.)

You could use empy xlabel, ylabel and instead have two manually placed Labels
a bit like here:

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If you are making a standalone plot you can do it like @SteffenPL said and place a label across a column before, and a row after the other content. This will just not allow further alignment with other plots. For that there’s another trick where you place the label in the left or bottom protrusion and pad it with a value derived from all adjacent axis protrusions. That’s how I did it for AlgebraOfGraphics for example.