Yggdrasil build has a bug on Windows


Maybe not the best place to ask/report this but don’t know a better one.

In Yggdrasil the compilation of GMT on Windows is bugged. The simple function

returns false when it should true true, and this only happened with the Yggdrasil build on Windows. That function works well for all other OSs, it works well on my local MSVC build and even if build a similar one locally with MinGW.

This returns true in all but the Yggdrasil build for Windows. In the mention function (gmt_is_float()) I even added an extra test for the MinGW compiler, but it still fails

ccall((:gmt_is_float, GMT.libgmt), Bool, (Cstring, Ptr{UInt8}), GMT.GMT_Get_Ctrl(GMT.G_API[1]), "0.25")