YAML.jl have many bugs

I’m not a mainter of YAML.jl but I’m concerned with the current status of YAML.jl. I have found many bugs in several days but also know YAML has more complex specification than JSON or TOML so it’s generally difficult to implement correctly.

Readme on GitHub - yaml/yaml-grammar says

Fully comprehending the YAML grammar is quite an undertaking for most mortals. Creating a fully compliant parser has proven almost impossible.

But YAML is one of the three most used data description languages (JSON, YAML, TOML). I think Julia community should support improvement of YAML.jl. I have reported and suggested what I noticed at the GitHub repository, but my knowledge of Julia and YAML and a parser is limited.

Most code of YAML.jl seems written in pre-v1.0 era. I know there are breaking change between v0.6 and v1.0. Currently, YAML.jl works (for limited type of files) but I doubt there are many things which should be done. If you have an interest, could you tell me what improvements are needed?


The two latter probably goes for almost anybody who has contributed to the YAML package over the years. And that’s how must of open source contributions work; you learn enough to fix the bugs or add the features you need.

That has nothing to do with bugs or limitations that exist today. All breaking changes in Julia have been addressed long ago. I know that because I made the last 1.0 updates, with little knowledge of YAML and none of parsers.

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