Wrong dev & instantiate order in PkgTemplates and Documenter?

Documenter and PkgTemplates use the following to prepare a docs job:


Could it be that this order is wrong? I have a case where it fails with the following error:

ERROR: expected package `Documenter [e30172f5]` to exist at path `/home/runner/.julia/packages/Documenter/Otri3`

This happens when GitHub CI builds a project that depends on a custom version of Documenter (using pkg> add https://github.com/knuesel/Documenter.jl#fix-envvar-checks and pushing the resulting Manifest to GitHub). The goal of the whole thing is to test my Documenter branch, where I changed the code that handles GitHub actions.

The full build log can be seen here

However it works if I run instantiate before develop. Any reason we should not always do that?