Write articles in and about Julia for nextjournal.com

Nextjournal aims to fix the problem of reproducibility in computation-aided research. Check us out at https://nextjournal.com first!

We’re building a replacement for, and extension of, tools like Jupyter, Authorea or R Studio with the goal long term reproducibility - without all the headache involved in setup, collaboration and sharing. It’s a fully hosted web platform supporting Julia, R, Python, Javascript and Bash.

We’re excited about Julia, above all. We want to publish Nextjournal articles introducing statistical concepts using Julia and plot.ly. Also, we’re interested in porting existing open science to our system.

We’d love some help with this! Ideally you’re interested in reproducibility and helping build a platform like Nextjournal. Along with writing articles, we’d ask you to give advice on how we could improve our system for researchers. You’d write, we’d edit and publish - all attributed to you under an open license.

This opportunity would be a great way to make yourself visible as a Julia enthusiast, and help reproducible science move forward.

Get in touch at joshua@nextjournal.com, or apply on upwork.com directly: https://www.upwork.com/jobs/_~01518b3defe2269e8f

Joshua @ nextjournal


Hi, is this still available?

@sdanisch seems to have filled this role. I’m not sure if there are any other openings though.

I’m not sure if I’m exactly filling that role, but I’m definitely filling the julia role :wink:
We do currently have a challenge though:

You should apply for that :slight_smile: