Scholarship for Explorable Research

I’m happy to be the bearer of good news:

Nextjournal is excited to announced the Nextjournal Scholarship for Explorable Research!
This opportunity offers funding and a chance to work with the core team at Nextjournal to help publish your work as a cutting edge, data driven, reproducible article.

The topic and content of these articles is entirely up to you and may range from a passion project investigating a social issue to the reconstruction of a canonical, peer-reviewed publication. Once the computational framework for your project is in place, we want to work with you to make understanding these insights more effective. Specifically, we will help you build authoring tools for creating e xplorable explanations, a term that is best illustrated in Bret Victor’s essays Ten Brighter Ideas and Explorable Explanations.

Selected scholars will receive:

  • $3,000 awarded to the responsible party. $1,500 will be awarded upon selection of the project and $1,500 upon completion of the project.
  • Unlimited cloud compute resources, private data access and secrets storage during the performance of the project.
  • Support from our developers to implement your project using Nextjournal.

Submissions will be accepted until January 15, 2019 in your local time zone. More details about the scholarship are available here:

Let me know if you have any questions before applying!



The recipients of the Nextjournal Scholarship for Explorable Research have been announced. They span the globe and cross several scientific domains. Of particular interest to this forum - the first project, “Exploring and Statistically Learning an Excitable Stochastic-Dynamical Model,” will be written in Julia.

A fascinating group: