Wrapping the API for themoviedb.org

While looking at the movielens.org ml-25m data set (see ml-25m - Downloading and examining the MovieLens 25m data) I encountered an online movie/tv-show database called themoviedb.org that provides a public API, API Overview β€” The Movie Database (TMDB)

There are implementations of wrappers around this API for several languages, API Wrappers & Libraries β€” The Movie Database (TMDB). See, for example, the Python wrapper GitHub - celiao/tmdbsimple: A wrapper for The Movie Database API v3.. I thought that I would try to create such an API wrapper for Julia. Has anyone done this already? I don’t have a lot of experience with web-based APIs so if someone else has already done something like this I would follow rather than trying to lead.

I was planning to call such a package tmdb.jl but then thought it might be better to call it by a longer name such as themoviedb.jl. Does the latter seem preferable in the spirit of not using acronyms or abbreviations that are not widely known?