Wrapping a library with enum in struct

I am trying to make a wrapper using Clang for a c library that has a struct that contains enum in field. Here is a MWE test.h for the struct:

typedef struct {
  float a;
  enum {ONE, TWO} b;
} Test;

and Clang script:

using Clang

const HEADERS = ["test.h"]

wc = init(; headers = HEADERS,
          output_file = joinpath(@__DIR__, "test_api.jl"),
          common_file = joinpath(@__DIR__, "test_common.jl"),
          clang_includes = [CLANG_INCLUDE],
          clang_args = [""],
          header_wrapped = (root, current)->root == current,
          header_library = x->"libtest",
          clang_diagnostics = true,

With these I get an error

[ Info: wrapping header: test.h ...
┌ Warning: Skipping struct: "CLCursor (CLStructDecl) " due to unsupported field: CLCursor (CLEnumDecl) 
└ @ Clang ~/.julia/packages/Clang/eb0em/src/wrap_c.jl:158
[ Info: writing /home/kjwiik/proj/Difmap/gen/test/test_api.jl

What is CLCursor struct?

Any suggestions how to get this working?