Working directory and output issues with Weave.jl

I’m trying to set up a workflow with Weave.jl but struggle with some aspects.

The first is that my file is includeing some other code in the same directory like include("some_file.jl"). So the script needs to be run with my top folder as the working directory.

But I want the output of weave to go to the folder “reports” that is a subfolder of the current working directory. It seems to me that weave cds to that folder before running the script, though, so the include is not working anymore. Is that correct behavior? It seems unusual to me.

The other problem is that every time I export an html file, I get an empty folder called jl_randomletters next to it. It seems some cleanup is not working correctly? I could “solve” the first problem by moving my output html to the reports folder myself (even though that’s annoying), but if there are these ghost folders left behind that makes it very messy.

I hope someone can shed some light on this for me :slight_smile:

Hm, both of those sound like bugs to me. Open an issue?