Workflow for local packages

I am wondering what the best workflow is for packages which are developed and used locally (before they are published).

Currently, I create them with PkgDev.generate, they end up in ~/.julia/v0.5, and then I keep working on them. However, whenever I Pkg.update(), I get quite a few messages along the lines of

WARNING: Package [...]: skipping update (dirty)...

I am wondering if I should do something differently, to tell Pkg that these cannot be updated, since they only exist locally.


Hello colleague,

you get the same warning if you have local changes to published packages. If your local package is commited, then Pkg.update just proceeds with the INFO: Updating MyPackage master…

Thanks, I understand, but is there a way not to have this warning?

commit your changes?

Once your modules are ready to be published, you put them into the “main” julia package directory?


For most setups ~/.julia/v0.5 is the “main”. Pkg.update just assumes to update all packages non-dirty.

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