Proper way to revise a package under local development

Am a bit turned around on appropriate methodology. I am developing a package on my local machine. Created the package structure with PkgTemplates, moved the folder out of dev to a more convenient location, went in to that directory,activate . , and ‘add’ the dependencies, placed my src files, went back to the main REPL → ], and ‘add’ my package (by path), then ‘using’ the package led to precompile. However, Julia would not resolve the function names (even if package was specified). Updating to 1.8.4 appears to have solved the problem; am not sure if this was a fluke corruption of a registry or if my procedure is defective ( or both). Package is syncing with GitHub appropriately. Now, difficulty modifying code. Started REPL , then using Revise, then using and modifying/saving package scripts but no changes take effect. Tried a few things. What seemed to work is going in to package directory, doing a rebuild then update.

Am spoiled coming from R where this is all push button. Done my best trying to read the manual and review the JuliaCon videos but alas am just not quite in command of the process. Any hints or links to appropriate techniques would be greatly appreciated.

As far as I can tell you’re doing everything fine except the critical distinction that you should use Pkg.develop rather than Pkg.add if you want to develop your package. The technical distinction is that add makes a snapshot of your code, whereas develop uses the code as it looks when it’s loaded. The former is great for reproducibility but useless for development, and vice versa.