Workers do not find packages in spite of @everywhere and Pkg.activate commands

I am new to Julia and am slowly trying to convert Matlab code. My current problem is that I cannot run distributed code. I have searched and found posts suggesting the use of @everywhere and Pkg.activate(".") but I just cannot get it to work. I get the error:

LoadError: On worker 2: ArgumentError: Package Formatting not found in current path: - Run import Pkg; Pkg.add("Formatting") to install the Formatting package.

I use the JuliaPro distribution (Juno, Julia 1.0.3).

using Distributed
using Formatting
@everywhere using Pkg;
@everywhere Pkg.activate(".") 
@everywhere using Formatting

@sync @distributed for j=0:3
    #for j=0:3

Thanks for any help.

I discovered that this a problem with JuliaPro or with 1.0.3.
I installed Julia 1.1 (and the Atom/Juno editor) and now its working.

Hi, I am reviving this thread because I am having the exact same problem (also trying to “translate” some Matlab code). I guess this was never fixed?

It was fixed. As I wrote, switching to pure Julia from Julia Pro fixed it.

Yes, I understand, but it still is a problem in JuliaPro

Perhaps you should contact them for support then.

I did not realize it was a completely different product, sorry I asked for the clarification.

My reply was not intended as reproof, simply as a clarification. It is a packaged version of Julia with some tweaks from a company that has some people on this forum, but since most people here use plain vanilla Julia it is hard to give help for that product.

This has been fixed in JuliaPro 1.0.5-1. The fix hasn’t yet reached the 1.2 version yet, but that should happen soon.

It is fine to ask questions about JuliaPro here, but be aware that it may be drowned out by the volume. Direct support can be obtained by emailing