Workaround for CompatHelper Bug

I keep getting this pull request from CompatHelper:

This pull request changes the compat entry for the XLSX package from 0.10.1 to 0.10.1, 0.10.

The current compat is listed as XLSX = "0.10.1" which seems correct according to the Pkg documentation:

Example = "0.2.1"

results in a versionbound on Example as [0.2.1, 0.3.0).

It seems like this is a known bug that has been open for almost 3 years, so imagine others have dealt with this before.

I keep closing this pull request without merging, but it always reappears as a new PR the next day. What should I do to avoid the bad PRs while I wait for the bug fix?

Hmmm. Why is your compat entry XLSX = "0.10.1"? The General registry says the latest registered version of XLSX is 0.10.0:

Oh, I just had an XLSX PR merged that I need, so I have XLSX#master loaded in my environment which comes in as 0.10.1. That PR should be released in 0.10.1, so that is the compatibility I need going forward. I didn’t think about the interaction with the general registry though; I just thought it should know that 0.10 is less than 0.10.1.