Compat Questions

So I maintain a few small packages. Lately, their dependancies have shuffled around because the ecosystem is chugging along (woo!). But, when I go to use one or two of my packages I run into compatability issues.

How do you all keep compat issues straight? Naively I keep thinking changing compat to always use the tilde specifier is reasonable, but, surely that could break over time.

Is it “ok” to cut a new release just to update a bad compat section?

Yes, it’s even encouraged! As a good package developer, you should generally try to keep your dependencies up to date. The CompatHelper.jl GitHub action is really helpful for that.
You also mention that you use the tilde specifier for your compat entries. Generally, you should prefer the caret specifier (you can leave the caret off), unless you have reason not to, since that will give you the compatibility behavior as specified by semver and you will have to bump your compat entries less. See also


Appreciate the advice Simeon. I’m going to start using the caret operator from here on out. It’s crazy realizing how fast the community has moved over the past year.

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