Work opportunity at climate tech startup

Hey there, Julia Community!

I am the founder at ePioneers, a startup working on building web3 infrastructure to democratize climate portfolios. We are looking for a data scientist to help us build models and their visual representations. I appreciate your support! If you are interested please reach out to

ePioneers is the world’s 1st digital Climate Wallet that lets you unlock rare bucket-list experiences for Nature Restoration. To meet climate NetZero targets, financial flows to nature-based solutions must triple by 2030 and increase four-fold by 2050. One fifth of the world’s corporations already committed to these targets which need to receive at least $1.7 trillion USD/year to be met within the next decade. We recently partnered up with ALGORAND - the greenest blockchain in the world, to enable the democratization of Climate Portfolios leveraging blockchain, data modeling and innovative Climate Finance, in other words, we are building web3 infrastructure for Regenerative Finance.

Your role:
We are looking for ambitious A-players who enjoy challenges and who enjoy working as a team. We value honesty, clarity, competence and an urgency to thrive and bring tech-based solutions to help us build the region’s largest climate tech infrastructure.

  • Your role will be that of our Data Modeler or Chief Scientist. Beyond the title, we are looking for an ambitious and a rigorous mind with proven technology skills in languages such as Julia, Makie, Python and/or D3 JS. You will be leading our Climate Modeling Team ahead of our launch in the UK (March 2022).
  • We are looking for teammates who have at least 3 years of proven work experience and who can work remotely with a diverse team.
  • We are looking for very creative minds who defy entropy and can come up and execute tangible solutions and systems to be applied in our Technologies.

You are open minded, coachable, dedicated and quality-oriented. We like people who take pride in their work but are also willing to listen and contribute to continuous improvement.

Thank you


Hi! I do not really understand the relation of NFT’s and climate change, would like a clarification. How can having a cryptocurrency result in less emission or pullotion? It seems to me that the solution is Governmental(which is problematic right now), Legislative, or Organizational(meaning people organize to change from the low-level). And well just making sure- I do not criticize you, but I do wonder if the goal is right, if this is one problem computers can’t solve just because it doesn’t have something to do with signaling we are environmentally friendly or wishing to increase awareness but with actual choices- like using public transportation even if our fellow riders are smelly sometimes, and the seats inconvenient and not changing our phones too often and buying locally.
More likely what can help more is optimization of electrical grid and software that manages resources in offices and homes to decrease the use of unnecessary appliances when we don’t use them or don’t need to- same as operating system works on a computer- that is something that is actually programmable.

But I do hope I’m wrong and impact will be made by increasing awareness, and I am open to opinions.


Well I do not understand it either, and I was even curious where you got NFT from since I didn’t even see it in the job posting itself. Anyway, this might be most relevant, while still a bit obscure to me (maybe it’s my limited brain), but I’m pointing it out as NFT was not part of the blog title:

We launched our Climate Wallet (1), Climate Marketplace (2) and Climate NFTs (3) last December

Climate NFTs and carbon pricing

The markets that we are focusing on are both the European (as we deploy our operations in the UK) and the voluntary carbon markets in LATAM/USA.

There ARE two blog titles with NFT in the title, unless I overlooked more, or other relevant blog titles, including:

[Neither of the “NFT” blogs seemed very helpful, quoting what I found relevant and intriguing]

[Generic stuff about NFT]
NFTs for Climate. Each NFT represents Nature, from animals under extinction to indigenous communities to fauna to carbon offsets, etc.
[long list of, irrelevant to them, NFT applications]
NFTs for ticketing. […] for example, chefs can generate unique NFTs. This would prevent the waste of money because the NFTs “redeemed” and confirmed by the clients, would enable food producers to prepare their meals in the morning, securing the restaurant reserves and making the whole process more efficient.

Well, I’m skeptical of at least some the NFT application claims, such as “more efficient” for chefs…