[Work in progress] Update of IUP.jl (gui library) for v1

Hi, guys,

I decided to update IUP.jl for Julia v1 (https://github.com/disciple-of-reason/IUP.jl/tree/juliav1)

I made the package to load, made a few examples work, and - since this is the first thing I’m doing in Julia - encountered a couple of problems I don’t know how to fix yet.

  1. the IUP_CD and IUP_IM packages refused to load (Julia didn’t find them, suggested installing IUP_CD / IUP_IM packages). I’ve made them submodules for now. Should they be split out into another package ?

  2. julia refuses to load dlls other than iup.dll (ERROR: error compiling cbox: could not load library “iupcontrols”), so lof of things won’t work

Any help would be, of course, appreciated.


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Wouldn’t it be better to submit PRs to IUP.jl instead of starting a new fork?

I don’t know the intentions but actually in order to prepare a PR one has to fork the project.


There is not that much to submit right now, and until it gets better, i thought I won’t poke a repo that has been resting in peace for 2 years :wink:

Once I solve at least loading of the rest of the dlls, improve rest of the functions that take variable number of arguments, I’ll send PR.

Well, I don’t remember to have had troubles loading all the needed dll’s so I might have had a quick try if it was a PR (not very strong in git anyway).

If you want to invest work on this package I’m happy to grant you commit privileges.