Winston plot layout: axis labels, axis numbers, and aspect ratio

Hi there, I am trying to improve the design of some of my graphs using Winston but I am facing some troubles:

  • The power in the units of the axis labels looks too big and high, it there any way to change the size so that it will look nicer? See Figure
  • How can I change the numbering format in the axis so that all numbers show the same style (either power of ten or not, but not mixing both styles). See x axis on Figures
  • When changing aspect ratio in left figure I need to have the same figure size as in right figure, how can I do that?

This will seriously improve the look of the figures.
Below are the figures and the code.
Thanks in advance!


            MultiPlots = Winston.Table(1,2)
			Plot_θ_Ψ = Winston.FramedPlot(aspect_ratio=1)
			Winston.setattr(Plot_θ_Ψ.x1, label="Ψ [cm]", range=(0.1, Ψ_θΨ_Max*cst.mm_2_cm), log=true)
			Winston.setattr(Plot_θ_Ψ.y1, label="θ [cm^{3} cm^{-3}]", range=(0.0, θ_θΨ_Max))
			Obs_θ_Ψ = Winston.Points(1.0 .+ Ψ_θΨ[iSoil,1:N_θΨ[iSoil]] .* cst.mm_2_cm, θ_θΨ[iSoil,1:N_θΨ[iSoil]], color="red")
			Winston.setattr(Obs_θ_Ψ, label="Obs")
			Sim_θ_Ψ = Winston.Curve(Ψ_Sim .* cst.mm_2_cm, θ_Sim, color="blue")
			Winston.setattr(Sim_θ_Ψ, label="Sim")
			Plot_Psd = Winston.Points( Ψ_Rpart[iSoil,1:N_Psd[iSoil]] .* cst.mm_2_cm, θ_Rpart[iSoil,1:N_Psd[iSoil]], color="green")
			Winston.setattr(Plot_Psd, label="Psd")
			legend_θ_Ψ = Winston.Legend(0.1, 0.15, [Obs_θ_Ψ, Sim_θ_Ψ])
			θ_Ψ = Winston.add(Plot_θ_Ψ, Obs_θ_Ψ, Sim_θ_Ψ, Plot_Psd, legend_θ_Ψ) 
			Plot_K_Ψ = Winston.FramedPlot(aspect_ratio=1)  
			Winston.setattr(Plot_K_Ψ.x1, label="Ψ [cm]", range=(0.1, Ψ_θΨ_Max*cst.mm_2_cm), log=true)
			Winston.setattr(Plot_K_Ψ.y1, label="K(Ψ) [cm h^{-1}]")
			Obs_K_Ψ = Winston.Points(1.0 .+ Ψ_KΨ[iSoil,1:N_KΨ[iSoil]] .* cst.mm_2_cm, K_KΨ[iSoil,1:N_KΨ[iSoil]] * cst.mms_2_cmh, color="red")
			Winston.setattr(Obs_K_Ψ, label="Obs")
			Sim_K_Ψ = Winston.Curve(Ψ_Sim .* cst.mm_2_cm, Kunsat_Sim .* cst.mms_2_cmh, color="blue")
			Winston.setattr(Sim_K_Ψ, label="Sim")
			legend_K_Ψ = Winston.Legend(0.8, 0.9, [Obs_K_Ψ, Sim_K_Ψ])

			K_θ = Winston.add(Plot_K_Ψ, Obs_K_Ψ, Sim_K_Ψ, legend_K_Ψ)

			MultiPlots[1,1] = Plot_θ_Ψ
			MultiPlots[1,2] = Plot_K_Ψ
			Winston.savefig(MultiPlots, Path)