Windows not searching contents of *.jl files

Not sure if this is a Windows issue or what can be done, but I am using Windows Explorer to search for some old code. It isn’t searching the contents of my *.jl files, but is returning results for contents of other file types.

See Add or Remove File Types from Search in Windows 10

  • Control panel
  • Indexing options
  • Advanced
  • “File Types” tab
  • “Add new extension to list:”
  • Type in jl and click Add
  • Select jl and select “Index Properties and File Contents”


Thank you!

FYI, I built a little command line tool last year to index all of the comments in my .jl files and then another that allows me to search them. It’s super fast and I’ve found it extremely helpful when needing to find code.

Here are the repos:

They’re not set up right now for general use but it wouldn’t take much modification of the code to make it work on your system.

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Sublime Text has a fast and smart indexer. It works extremely well with projects. To find the definition of anything is a breeze. Windows search tends to be slow and the results hard to use.


Thanks @mthelm85 and @PetrKryslUCSD, I’ll check both of these out.