Why my heatmap contour plot in polar coordinates is small/tiny?


I am trying to plot a heatmap in a polar plot like so:

contourf(deg2rad.(collect((0:360))),deg2rad.(collect(0:1:85)),  B,  aspect_ratio=:equal, proj=:polar,  color=:viridis, alpha=0.5)

But I get a tiny little figure


Why is that? And how can I fix it? Thank you!

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Hi RBraghiere,

Did you make any progress with this? I have the same issue.

using Plots
using PyPlot

X = range(1,stop=100,length=100)
Y = range(1,stop=100,length=100)
Z = rand(100,100)

h1 = heatmap(
     X,Y, Z,

Does anyone have any ideas?

Just bumping this up in case anyone else is having the same issue or has any ideas? I still haven’t found a solution :frowning:

This should be fixed in Plots >= v1.7.2 (https://github.com/JuliaPlots/Plots.jl/pull/3088).

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Thank you!