Plotting only the contents of a plot/heatmap and hiding everything else using Plots.jl

Hi! I would like to plot only the very contents of a plot (a heatmap in this case) using Plots.jl.

I’ve set the aspect ratio to 1:1, hidden the axes, hidden the color bar, set the margins to zero, and set the image size to match the size of the actual heatmap. However, I still get a white border around the plot, and the size of the plot is not exactly what I set it to be.

Here is a sample code:

using Plots
using Plots.PlotMeasures

const N = 400
const xs = 1:N
const ys = 1:N
const values = rand(N, N)

    xs, ys, values,
    aspect_ratio=:equal,  # 1:1 aspect ratio
    axis=([], false),     # Hide axes
    cbar=false,           # Hide color bar
    margins=0px,          # Hide margins
    size=(N, N),          # Figure size



Notice the white border around the plot and the 399 × 400 dimensions instead of 400 × 400.

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There’s a built-in margin of 2 (mm?) with GR. (To be fixed… someday.) Try using a negative margin.