Why is there nothing like Pluto.jl in Python?

I’m new to Julia and found Pluto.jl just amazing. I don’t know much about the techs behind Pluto so I wonder why is there nothing like that in Python ecosystem. Is it related to the JIT?


There is one that was mentioned in the Pluto Developers call, Marimo. It was apparently inspired by Pluto.


If Pyodide and Marimo work well together, it will be a great way to share notebooks with students. No installations, no virtual servers, everything would run locally. If it works well, I will consider using Python again in my teaching.

Hi :wave:! I’m one of the marimo developers.

Similar to Pluto.jl (and unlike ipyflow), marimo is a brand new reactive notebook meant to be used as a substitute for Jupyter notebooks. Obviously it’s for Python, not Julia.

marimo is used today by a large research institution and a few companies. We’re also integrating it in a Stanford course next quarter. One feature that our users like: marimo notebooks can easily be deployed as web apps. marimo edit at the command line to edit a notebook, marimo run to serve it as an app.

@runjaj, we don’t have a WASM/Pyodide build yet. Is it just too much hassle to get your students set up with Python?


The webapp feature looks really cool!

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