Why is the ticks fontfamily not changing?

I am using Julia 1.9.2, Plots v1.38.17, PyPlot v2.11.1.
When I plot, the font of the tick labels doesn’t change.
Not working “fontfamily” and “tickfontfamily”.
Is this a bug in the new version of Julia, or is there a different command I should use?

using Plots

x = 1:10;
y = rand(10);
plot(x, y,
    xlabel = "x",
    ylabel = "y",
    fontfamilys = "Times New Roman",
    tickfontfamily = "Times New Roman")

Please help me.

I don’t know about those specific commands to change the fonts (I’m not sure if they exist), but you may want to take a look at these tips to make the plot more consistent:


Thank you for your reply.
However, the tick labels still haven’t changed.

This is a hack that you can use until you get a better solution. Specify the tick labels yourself:

using Plots

x = 1:10
y = rand(10)
plot(x, y,
    guidefontsize = 12, tickfontsize = 10,
    xtick = (2:2:10, ["2", "4", "6", "8", "10"]),
    ytick = (0.2:0.2:1, ["0.2", "0.4", "0.6", "0.8", "1.0"]),
    xlabel = "x",
    ylabel = "y",
    fontfamily = "Times New Roman")


Thank you.
This solution is work.