How to specify text in Plots? (font family, font size, etc.)

Suppose I have a plot using package Plots.jl, and I specify the title:

plot!(title="My title")

How do I modify the font family, font style, font size, etc.? A link to where in the documentation would do.

julia> plot(title="Test",titlefont=font(20,"Computer Modern"))

Take a look at this as well:

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Very nice tips.

I see from the attributes that I can set titlefont, tickfont, guidefont, colorbar_titlefont, legendfont, plot_titlefont.

What about xlabel/xaxis, ylabel/yaxis, etc. fonts? What are their keywords?

For the axes labels use guidefontsize for all, and xguidefontsize, yguidefontsize for the individual axes. More here.

NB: the feature of prepending x, y, z, to many of Plots.jl keywords does not seem to be clearly documented