Why does Pluto crash on loading a certain package?

I’m not using different versions of packages as far as I’m aware, and everything should be up-to-date as this happens with packages I installed very recently. (side note: for comparison, when I use an interactive session the usual REPL, or Jupyter, the precompilation times are at most seconds, while with the exact same code in Pluto it is over 10 minutes.)

according to Using a particular environment with Pluto, if I want to force my notebook to use the default environment, I need to put it in a specific folder; is there a way to avoid this?

in ~/.julia/environments I have the following directories:

  • __pluto_boot_v2_1.7.3
  • v1.7
  • __pluto_boot_v2_1.9.2
  • v1.9

I think only the last two are relevant here; v1.9 is my default environment. It seems like the pluto environments are also temporary and regenerated at each session? In the “status” tab on pluto, it seems that my projects are each saved in their own arbitrary environment, so the toml files are in (e.g.) /tmp/jl_NhLgbE. Is there any way to change this without losing the nice features of pluto?