Why does Julia install to AppData on Windows even if you have admin privileges?

Maybe it’s just my OCD speaking, but I dislike the idea of polluting the AppData folder with gigabyte-sized program installs. I think AppData is intended for (surprise) application data only and should be easy to backup. So far I have assumed that Julia defaults to installing in AppData to circumvent permission problems when installing without admin privileges. Is this roughly correct? If so, would it be feasible to change the behavior so that it defaults to Program Files when you install as Administrator?

(I understand the logic that users with admin privileges should be able to change the default install folder themselves, but there’s also a decent argument that the default behavior should be to follow the general usage guidelines of the system.)

I would assume the reason behind it is to support adding packages within the installation folder without the need for elevated privileges.

Actually, I would like to see a Portable Mode added.
Namely nothing is written to any folder but the installation folder (No registry, no interference with System Variables, etc…).

Niclas, as reported in previous threads I have found the opposite - there are some very restrictive permissions on the Julia folder which means that you cannot completely remove Julia and start from a clean system.
On Windows 10 even though my account has Administrator rights I could not remove the folder structure.

If it is of interest to anyone I will repeat the exercise and report back the details.

Thanks John. I did my homework and searched before posting but didn’t find any previous discussion on this. Could you please link those threads so I can catch up?

I did a search - sorry but I cannot find those posts. I may be imagining things!