Why can't I see execution results to the right of the executed code?

In VSCode I went through the following menu options:

File -> Preferences -> Settings -> Extensions -> Julia -> Execution: Result Type

Within this item I chose both from the dropdown list.

I did this for both the User and Workspace choices and restarted VSCode.

Still, when I run some code the results are not displayed to the side of the equation, but only in the REPL.

I looked into the settings.json file and there isn’t a line dedicated to this option. There is a line related to the colors of inline results. It was originally empty and I aded a color (blue) for the foreground in the hope that the problem was due to the absence of colors:

"julia.execution.inlineResults.colors": {
        foreground: blue

That did not help. The results of calculations still do not show up to the right of the executed code.

I thought about editing the settings.json file but I could not find (I tried Googling) a reference for the syntax that would apply in this case.

Any suggestions on how to fix this problem?

Also, where can one find references to the syntax appropriate to different items within settings.json?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

How are you running your code? You need to use Alt+Enter (or the Julia: Execute Code in REPL command).

That works. Thanks. In my system Alt+Enter is Execute code in REPL and Move. As you said, the command Execute code in REPL also works. I was surprised to see that if I select a whole block of code the inline result will only appear after the last selected line. I was hoping to see inline results after every line of the selected code.