Why are these people so skilled? If only I was stronger

A person made Minecraft in 2 days.

Another made an entire physics engine.

And then another who made an engine that literally simulates air to make sound.

And another, an artificial life simulation.

This channel made… well… evolution simulator.

And this team made a neural network chess engine stronger than alpha zero.
And so on.
I have selected Julia to be my tool of choice. I have many ideas, if only I was better, I’d probably have been able to finish each of them in like a week or even less.
I’m not a lousy developer by any mean, with >100 problems solved on hackerrank, but the achievement of these people show how superhuman they are.
How do I get that good?

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Don’t worry and start coding. In any new domain, you start as a beginner and build skills over time. Expertise comes from dedication and spending time (I really like Peter Norvig’s Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years post which does not just apply to programming).
Once your are an expert, you can pull off things which appear almost magic to others. Guess that in all examples above, it’s not the first game, physics simulation, chess engine etc that this people have written. Don’t stop (or never start) running just because someone is faster …


I think this is similar to drawing skills. A good artist can create a beautiful piece in some minutes, but it has taken them decades to reach this point. So the time you take to do anything with your tools is inversely proportional to how long you have worked with them.