10 years... countless hours worked into Julia... for what?

10 years of struggle… countless problems solved.

After we’ve finally made it, a fast high-level language.
Except it’s not used a lot.
Except people don’t really consider script-like languages to be “real programming”.

Maybe some people prefer “explicit” languages even when “explicit” actually means writing a bunch of boilerplate code, inferrable information, or irrelevant details.

Maybe companies want to use standard languages for the job and have virtually unlimited resource to hire a team of programmers or perhaps even AI to work.

Maybe while it’s true that Julia makes it much easier to create a new ecosystem that would be very easy to use, it’s still easier to use a suboptimal ecosystem than to create a new one.

And maybe in the best case, you get a career with Julia, you might get 10x harder work for 2x pay. Because while Julia is an easy language, those that use Julia want to do hard things.

Rustaceans have their time. Gophers have their times. When will we Julians have our time?

Maybe we can optimize programmer productivity by 100x, but if 1% of people actually use Julia, then it’s only 1% optimization.

And then, the real strength of Julia is in its network effect from composing packages, but without a large network, this network effect doesn’t happen.

What’s the point of all these?


What is the point of all this?

Q: What is the point of life?
A: It is to do your hobby and advocate your cause and HAVE JOY DOING IT!!!


FYI, this post is basically a call for unnecessary engagement and will result in bickering / dogpiling, and probably get flagged by the mods asap, see:

I would highly encourage you to prompt much more focused discussions such as

  • Does anyone know of any work that will bring Julia to new users/domains that you find exciting?
  • Does anyone know of studies that try to quantify compositionality of code across programming languages?

Consider closing this thread and opening up another one.

Or other more focused questions where people’s expertise on interesting topics can be tapped into more than just “vibes” or the HackerNews preoccupation of the day.


@Tarny_GG_Channie you’ve already started many similar threads that have received many answers and much discussion. We don’t need yet another unfocused thread of FUD.