Where is Juliac developed

As i am quite interested in having julia create binaries, and I have been snippets here and there about the juliac development I wanted to ask where exactly (on which branch, or github) juliac is developed such that i could sneak a peak in.
I have not been able to find it thus far, maybe I am also searching for the wrong keywords.

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Others can add more information, but as far as I know, the term juliac appeared in this pr:

Then there was this pr:

which got merged as a different take on 51417


I think the better reference is separate `julia-compile` from `julia` · Issue #15864 · JuliaLang/julia · GitHub. But the thing is… juliac isn’t really “one” feature. It’s a snowballing of core compiler features and behaviors (and performance). It’s stripping the IR and metadata. It’s improving the static compile-ability of Base and the stdlibs. It’s figuring out what’s needed for that and improving tooling for figuring out what’s not static.


I consider interesting that a word named a couple of times deep down into PR discussions is generating so much interest and questions in this forum… :slight_smile:

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I like that it sounds like ENIAC.

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I think the recent wave of juliac discussion where triggered by overinterpreting the last sentence of this post

Edit: This preview looks very odd if you don’t expand it :smiley:
For convenience, the sentence was:


thats very intersting, I will admit that i only skim the discourse once or twice a month. The Juliac name just caught my eyes and I thought that it was something specific. Thank you for enlightening me more on this subject.

this is what prompted me to be interested as such you are correct.