Where is binary file of jupyter installed by IJulia in Win11?

I have installed Julia 1.8.5 on windows 11 and added IJulia. By running a Jupyterlab() in REPL, I now enjoy using Jupyterlab.

I would like to install jupyterlab-vim on my Jupyterlab. According to the instruction, I need to command jupyter labextension install jupyterlab_vim. However when I command it on command prompt, I receive “jupyter is not recognized as an internal or external command.”

I guess I need to add path for jupyter, but I do not know where the binary file is.

I found a related question in here.
So I have already added the path to .julia/conda/3/bin which has only one file named pandoc but I still cannot call jupyter from command prompt

I confirmed the path for julia was fine, I mean I can call julia by command prompt and powershell.

I found the binary file in


So I added the path to there. The problem has been solved.