Where I can find the "C" source codes of the solver in my computer after adding the KLU package,?

I have added KLU.jl package and it is installed in C:\Users\path\.julia\packages\KLU. However, I could not find in the folder the original C source codes of the solver, for instance klu_analyze.c as in KLU

It’s in SuiteSparse.jl’s binaries

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So, will there be a folder called SuiteSparse on my hard disk which includes the binaries?

it should be SuiteSparse_jll

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The one in ...\.julia\registries\General\S\SuiteSparse_jll or

This is the package registry definition for version control handling.

That’s where the compiled jll package should be. And I believe the binary should be found in there.

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I found two folders ME9At_AXkrN.ji and ME9At_GdcRR.ji. Are they?

.jis are the compiled package code. But the package itself should also have the binary. Check artifacts.jl for suitesparse or klu

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In which folder I can find it?

in ...\.julia\packages\KLU?