Where can I find the packages mentioned in error messages?

I got an error message that said
@ Base .\loading.jl:1116
and thought I’d look at loading.jl to learn something. So I searched the .julia directory in Windows but it didn’t turn up.
How or where do I find packages mentioned in error messages?

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This file (Base: loading.jl) is found in the installation folder of Julia (not your user folder .julia, where the packages are going). Base is not a package.
So look in the installation folder and there you find:

Thanks. It would be nice if Windows had a simple whereis function like Linux. It would save a lot of searching :grinning:

You can use @edit function(args) to open an editor at the approriate method (it doesn’t work inside vscode, but you still get an error message with the full path, and can ctrl+click it).
There’s also functionloc (available by default) and @functionloc (available in InteractiveUtils).