Where are exception details shown in VS Code when debugger is "paused on exception"?

Subject more or less says it all. My code causes an exception to be raised–in the terminal I get a detailed description of the exception including a stack trace. In VS Code all I see is “paused on exception” in the call stack area, and no apparent way to see detailed exception info as can be seen in the terminal.

Actually let me modify this slightly after closer inspection: There is a tooltip that shows a basic representation of the exception if you hover over the red “paused on exception” message. However it’s not necessarily the same as what’s shown in the terminal and still doesn’t include a stack trace.

Also if you are debugging more than one process, the red “paused on exception” indicator is not present–there is a gray “paused on exception”, however if you mouse over it then it is immediately covered by a debug toolbar (continue/step over/step into/etc…).

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Pretty sure this is just a bug.