When to use Github Organization

What are the use cases when one should create a Github Organization?

If you split a large library into several packages, of which you are a single maintainer, are there any benefits to create a Github Organization to host these subpackages?

I guess I do not completely understand the purpose of this tool. On the other hand, I observe that there is a number of Github Organizations used to host Julia Packages.

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Organizations are for managing access and message. If you want to invite someone in to have write privileges to 15 repositories, adding them to the “symbolics team” is much easier than adding them to 15 separate repositories, and managing the access is easier because it’s then centralized. This makes it easier to manage shared resources, like CI tools, benchmarking tools, websites, etc. as well. So it’s really for when you have a common group of people working across packages and maintaining them and their message as a group.


Is it possible to move personal repos into organization if the need arises?

Yes: Transferring a repository - GitHub Docs

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