What's your AI programming tool stack?

I’d love to run this as a full-on community survey for my JuliaCon talk!

But for the time being, here is my response:

  • Cursor - if you haven’t tried, you don’t know the power of auto-completion in the middle of the sentence! I can never go back to Copilot… And all the things Cameron mentioned!
  • ChatGPT Plus (just images for the in-image editing)
  • PromptingTools.jl with Groq Llama70b as the default (part of my startup.jl)
  • AIHelpMe.jl - only when I work with AlgebraOfGraphics/Makie, I get it running automatically, so it’s warmed up :smiley:
  • ProToPortal.jl - personal mini-project that I actually love! I missed a GUI with MY templates in my stack and I love to use it when I cannot be at my computer (deployed on fly.io) + it’s much faster than ChatGPT and I’m an impatient person.

ProToPortal is probably too niche/too personal, but if you’re interested, I just open-sourced it: [ANN] ProToPortal.jl: A Portal to the Efficient Coding On The Go and the Magic of PromptingTools.jl