[ANN] List of Awesome Generative AI in/with/for Julia Language

Generative AI and Julia, A Perfect Combination. Don’t you think?

Generative AI is moving at the speed of light and it speaks Python.
In my opinion, Julia is awesome. Wouldn’t it be a shame to miss out on the GenAI revolution?

However, there are very few GenAI projects in Julia, making it even harder to find them.

To address the issue, we have created a list “Generative AI meets Julia” (following the template of Awesome Lists).

We invite all Julia developers and enthusiasts to join us in expanding the horizons of Generative AI in Julia. Whether you have an exciting project to share or are simply looking to collaborate and learn from others, this list should be the perfect gateway to all things Julia+GenAI.

Next steps?
We believe that generative AI allows us to do more, faster, and cheaper (if used well). So the hope is to add tutorials and blog posts to the list showcasing what you can do already - who wouldn’t want to buy more free time?


Great idea. I did not know about the REPL integrations, and I plan to try those out in the future.

To applications/products, I’d add Codeium (which is different from Codium). It’s a free alternative to Github Copilot.

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I have found that it’s more practical to not have a separate REPL mode (for variable interpolation, return types, etc).

I took my learnings into PromptingTools.jl, so perhaps try that as well? I’m keen for any feedback! My hope is to make it super easy to save 20 minutes every day on the little tasks…


Ah, cool! I totally thought it’s the same as Codium!

Do you use it with Julia? Any comparison with Copilot?

I’d add it but have no experience myself / don’t know what it’s good at or bad at. What would you say?

I think it’s identical to GitHub Copilot. I have both because Copilot is free for professors, and can’t see any major difference.

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Can I suggest open interpreter in must-known python projects ?


Thanks everyone for the tips!

Also, Codeium is impressive – especially given it’s free!

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