What is wrong with my profiling?

I am profiling my Deep Learning algorithm and I am getting this weird shape. That long line on the left does not make sense, is it precompiling or something ? The name of the top bar is task.jl,poptaskref: line 660. Maybe this is related to the fact that I am using CuArrays for my computing. But I don’t get why it is not on top of eval.

By the way I wanted to ask. If on the flame graph on the right I am seeing a lot of typeinfer.jl and abstractinterpretation.jl bars, does it mean I have a problem with type stability ?

  1. did you make a small run to make sure everything is compiled? otherwise it will profile the compiler, which may not be the objective.

  2. you may be running into

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  1. Yes it was indeed the compiling.
  2. I am running this on Juno so this may be the reason I get that weird bar. Next time I’ll try from the linux shell

Thank you

You could also give Juno’s build in profile viewer (Juno.@profiler foo(...)) a go, which should filter out extraneous frames when you’re running with only one thread.

Ha yes it works well with the juno profiler