What is the status of pretrained standard models (for machine learning) in the Julia ecosystem?

I have previously tried using Metalhead to take advantage of standard nets, but I haven’t been able to use anything with pretrained weights. Or rather, at the time none of the models I looked at, had weights.

What is the status of pretrained models at the moment? Can you get models with weights through Metalhead now? Is there another better way to accomplish something similar.

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I think Boltz has those? ping @avikpal

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Which models did you look at, specifically and when?

I’m sorry, I haven’t documented this. It seems it might have been one year ago or a bit more. Models might have included VGG but I can’t remember.

How so? Did Metalhead provide weights for all or most of its models recently?

If by recently you count almost a year ago, then yes: Add pre-trained models from HuggingFace and add accuracy testing by darsnack · Pull Request #164 · FluxML/Metalhead.jl · GitHub

Sounds good. I’ll see if I can use it.