ML demo code

I am new to Machine Learning in Julia and am going through the tutorial here. The code for the tutorial is here.

While trying to run the following line I am getting an error:



UndefVarError: imagenet_classes not defined

Any suggestions please?

Also are there any other good tutorials for machine learning and deep learning in Julia?


You need to add the Metalhead.jl package, and then add the line using Metalhead

I have already done that. I am still getting the same error!
Btw I am on Julia 0.6. Is that causing the problem?

It looks like the tutorial is broken or is working inside JuliaBox only.

I get the same error with Julia v1.0.1. However, I think that we have to use Metalhead.ImageNet.imagenet_labels instead of Metalhead.imagenet_classes.

Also are there any other good tutorials for machine learning and deep learning in Julia?

Unfortunately, most Julia tutorials still suffer from changes that are caused by Julia v1.0+.

Yes, perhaps we should have a Doctober or Upgradadoc to root out all those vestigial relics of v.0.6-isms.

Updating documentation is one thing. First, packages have to work with Julia v1.0+. There are many packages that look entirely deprecated, even inside Julia organizations. I started to list data science, machine learning and AI packages that still work and are not completely deprecated:

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I don’t have permission to access that page.

Let’s not “root out” v0.6 docs/packages/etc. Some of us are stuck with v0.6 for a while.

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No, i think we should remove all obsolete and non-functional example code from 1.0 tutorials and documentation. You should be OK with earlier revisions should you choose to remain on an earlier system.

I think versioned documentation is appropriate. We already have it. Just the v1.0+ docs need to be updated.

We agree.