What is the difference between the functions "big.", "big", "BigFloat"?

What is the difference between the functions “big.”, “big”, “BigFloat”?
By the way, is there a method to find descriptions of a function? It’s so troublesome to ask for every functions I haven’t seen.

big.(collection) is broadcasting the regular big function. It’s not a different function. BigFloat is a type.

You can find documentation for functions by using the REPL help mode or by using the search bar in the manual (if you haven’t given the manual a skim/read yet, I recommend doing so - it’s not that long and explains a lot of julian things).


By the way, you can use single backticks (`) to mark text in discourse inline as code by surrounding the text you want to mark with them (looks like this). You can also mark bigger blocks as code with triple backticks (```). Makes it a lot easier to read the code you’re posting.

triple backticks
look like