What is the difference between copy() and deepcopy()?

julia> a = [1,2,3,4];
julia> b = a;
julia> a[1] = 4;
julia> b
4-element Array{Int64,1}:

This is the shallow copy AFAIK.

But at a glance, I couldn’t find clear differences between copy() and deepcopy(), although Docs says copy() creates a shallow copy of a collection.


None of the operations above are copies, they are assignments. For understanding the difference between copy and deepcopy, consider

A1 = [[1]]
A2 = copy(A1)
A1[1] === A2[1]                 # true
A3 = deepcopy(A1)
A1[1] === A3[1]                 # false

These are related to copying mutable objects. I assume you know the difference between copying by value and copying by reference. Let ‘a’ be a mutable object of some type.

b = a copies ‘a’ by reference, so ‘b’ and ‘a’ refer to the same object. Therefore b.field1 = 2 makes a.field1 == 2 true.

b = copy(a) makes a new object of the same type as the object which ‘a’ refers to, and makes ‘b’ refer to it. So there are now 2 different objects, one for ‘a’ and one for ‘b’. Then for each ‘field’ of the new object, b.field = a.field is called. Therefore, if the field type is immutable it will be copied by value. If it is mutable, it will be copied by reference. Notice that this is a shallow copy, as b.field1.field11 = 2 still makes a.field1.field11 == 2 true, where field1 is a mutable object of some type.

b = deepcopy(a) keeps unwrapping any mutables inside of ‘a’ until it reaches all the immutables at all the levels, and copies all the data and structure of the old object to a new object. So ‘b’ and ‘a’ become completely independent, and changing one at any level does not change the other. For example b.field1.field11.field111 = 2 does not change a.field1.field11.field111. This however comes at the cost of using more memory when dealing with deep structures, e.g. a root node in a deep tree.


Everything clear! Thank you.

when would you use b=a instead of b=copy(a) if having mutable fields?
when would you use b=copy(a) instead of b=deepcopy(a) if having mutable fields?
Is it even needed the “copy” command?

I think will just be using arrays, tuples and dictionaries, not structs nor other complex things. I guess then it’s enough with copy.