What is preventing these packages from upgrading

I have been experiencing a lot of package downgrades and version conflicts after adding FunctionZeros.jl to one of my projects. To investigate the matter further, I add FunctionZeros to a separate environment and examined what is outdaed:

(functionzeros) pkg> st -m --outdated
Status `~/.julia/dev/sandbox/functionzeros/Manifest.toml`
⌅ [92d709cd] IrrationalConstants v0.1.1 (<v0.2.2): SpecialFunctions
⌅ [f2b01f46] Roots v1.4.1 (<v2.0.20): FunctionZeros
⌅ [efcf1570] Setfield v0.8.2 (<v1.1.1): Roots
⌅ [276daf66] SpecialFunctions v1.8.8 (<v2.3.1): FunctionZeros

I looked through the Project.toml files of each package and didn’t notice anything unusual. However, to be honest, I’m not certain I know what to look for. In either case, these downgrades are having downstream implications for other dependencies. Is there anything that can be done to upgrade the dependencies above?

The output above says FunctionZeros is holding back Roots and SpecialFunctions, which in turn hold back Setfield and IrrationalConstants respectively.

The currently registered version of FunctionZeros isn’t up to date with its dependencies:

However, newer compat bounds are merged into master.

Let’s ask the (last) maintainer @jlapeyre if a new release can be tagged :slight_smile:


Thanks! I missed the fact that the current Project.toml and most recent registered versions are so different.

Error while trying to register: Changing package repo URL not allowed, please submit a pull request with the URL change to the target registry and retry.

Anyone know how to do this? Is there a procedure, or I try something ad hoc?

I moved the repo to JuliaMath, so the URL has changed.

Sounds like you need to update the URL in the general registry directly, by creating a PR to it with the new URL. Once the URL is updated, registrations should work.

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@jlapeyre, thank you for releasing a new version. If the advice provided by jishnub doesn’t work, you might try asking for assistance in the Slack channel #pkg-registration.

is what the docs say.

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Thanks for the replies. I meant to try a PR last night before many people got a chance to reply. But I started cloning the General registry and then got sidetracked while waiting. Cloning is done, so I will give it a shot.

UPDATE: Change url for FunctionZeros to JuliaMath org by jlapeyre · Pull Request #92925 · JuliaRegistries/General · GitHub

UPDATE: Release v0.3.0 · JuliaMath/FunctionZeros.jl · GitHub