What if there was julia repl on discourse itself?

What if there was an Online Julia Repl on discourse itself, so that you could try out suggestions super quick by copy pasting what others are saying?
Sorry if i sound too lazy :sweat_smile:

There are sites like replit but I do not know how much Julia support exists there.

Interesting idea. I think the utility of this depends on how one usually starts Julia. For example, all I have to do is Ctrl-Alt-t jl<Enter> and I’m ready to go. Though if there are specific packages that need to be added then I also cd into a tmp/ directory and pkg> activate ., so maybe in those cases a built-in REPL could be more convenient.

Recently i have developed habit of using discourse on phone, and reading long conversations with suggestions on code snippets. It would be cool to test it there and there itself !

Who’s going to pay for the compute to enable dozens (?) of people a day to do using Plots; plot(some_data), or even worse activate --temp; add DifferentialEquations; ...some calculation...?

A better solution for you is likely:

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Presumably this would require a JS/wasm Julia interpreter.

Wow, I did not knew about this tool UserLand. Thanks for letting me know !