What happened to the `..` operator?

I was trying the example from Makie for a Streamplot which involves the .. operator which is listed as an operator in the docs.

However, on Julia 1.9.4 I receive

julia> 1..42
ERROR: UndefVarError: `..` not defined
 [1] top-level scope
   @ REPL[1]:1

I remember that this code used to work on my machine some time ago.

It’s from a package: GitHub - JuliaMath/IntervalSets.jl: Interval Sets for Julia


Julia defines symbols that can be used as operators, but they aren’t all implemented in Base.

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Thanks! Has that moved around in the past? On this SE post the suggested package is IntervalArithmetic which gives

julia> 1..42
[1.0, 42.0]

which did not work for me

while IntervalSets.jl gives

julia> 1..42
1 .. 42

Any package can choose to define .. to mean whatever they’d like. Looks like there are eight registered packages that do so right now: JuliaHub search for .. (although with this funny search string it looks like we’re not previewing quite the correct line here — click the filename to see the larger context). If you are using more than one of them you’ll be asked to qualify which meaning you want.


Note that the documentation you got .. from was the Makie documentation, and Makie exports .. (re-exported from IntervalSets.jl).

When you are trying to reproduce code you find in a package’s documentation, you should probably have that package loaded.


Hm that seems to be the trouble - one of the packages in my workflow seems now to export the .. operator and thus the undefined behaviour.
I must have overlooked the warning that multiple packages export ...

After loading all your packages, you can do a using Makie: (..) to explicitly state that that’s the one you want.